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News on Privatization Week of 12/9

Some really shocking stats about the failing of charter schools across the country, taken from a report by the Network for Public Education. “More than 35 percent of those given federal grant money between 2006 and 2014 either never opened or were shut down.” “Nearly 91 percent have failed in Iowa—in Virginia, 71 percent.” Approximately 500 million of the 4 billion spent on charter schools by the Department of Ed has been spent on schools that closed.Meanwhile, Betsy DeVos doesn’t seem concerned about these closings, despite data that supports the harm that school closings cause for students. Read more here:

A California auditor has determined that the state government has failed “to ensure that billions of dollars have been spent on low-income children and other students targeted for additional state money.” This report is based on looking at the districts of Oakland, San Diego, and Clovis. The auditor (Elaine Howle) recommends that the state becomes more strict about spending money that is supposed to be for low income and ELL students. According to the audit, one of the reasons that the funds have been misappropriated so easily is due to a funding formula issue in the current legislation regarding how the funds are applied to improving/failing schools. Read more here:

In Kansas City, Mo., privatization of animal services is increasingly becoming an issue. Things like Spay and neutering by private companies have become less of a priority, since there isn’t necessarily government oversight to enforce rules. The city is stuck in a state of limbo while waiting to sign a contract with KC Pet Project, the company that was voted to handle animal control operations. Currently, the Animal Health and Public Safety Department is down to about a quarter of its usual strength because of this deal, which exacerbates the issue. Read more here:

In the UK, Boris Johnson and the Conservative party are pushing to privatize more and more of the National Health Services, and according to Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, this is being done primarily to sell to US health care market businesses. Corbyn released documents that allegedly shows the U.S. “seeking ‘total market access’ to the UK healthcare market.” Meanwhile, the NHS has been increasingly outsourcing their services, with an estimated 15 billion pounds spent on private firm contracts over the last 5 years. Read more here:


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