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News on Privatization Week of 12/16

In Colorado, a company called GEO Group is coming under fire for failing to meet state standards throughout the year for categories such as security, job training, and effective substance use treatment. GEO Group operates Cheyenne Mountain Re-entry Center, one of three private prisons in the state. The state government, at the behest of Governor Jared Polis, is hoping to use their poor performance to encourage lawmakers to increase funding for public prisons, so that inmates can be moved from Cheyenne Mountain to a currently-vacant public prison. Gov. Polis wants an increase of $11 million in the budget to pay for the restaffing of the public prison, which would be cheaper than the estimated $14.7 million that the state spends on housing inmates at the private Cheyenne Mountain Re-Entry Center. Read more here:

In St. Louis, attempts to privatize the St. Louis Lambert International Airport have recently been halted by Mayor Lydra Krewson. Krewson’s decision was a bit of a surprise to locals, after the city had spent almost three years discussing the possibility of privatizing airport operations. Krewson said that the change is a result of citizens and business leaders expressing “serious concerns and trepidation about the process, and about the possibility that a private entity might operate the airport.” While many are pleased at the sudden decision, some people, including NAACP city-chapter president are disappointed in the decision, due to a loss of potential public money in the future. Read more here:

After several years of wildfires partially caused by Pacific Gas and Electric wires, some in California are calling for utilities to become publicly owned. One notable proponent is Loretta M. Lynch, a former president of the California Public Utilities Commission. PG&E has come under heavy scrutiny due to both the wildfires and misappropriation of government funds. Information from the U.S. Energy Information Association suggests that public utilities are usually cheaper and more reliable, though they can have issues with efficiently working towards becoming more renewable, when compared with privately owned utilities. Read more here:


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