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News on Privatization Week of 11/4

In California, two charter school locations are collectively known as “The San Diego Cooperative Charter School” One of these campuses (The Mountain View campus) are in danger of shutting down mid-school year, due to leadership and safety issues. Test scores were below average, prompting the initial merging of the two schools, but some of these (unspecified) safety issues have prompted over 50 students to be pulled out of the school by their parents. Some Linda Vista campus (which is doing much better) parents want the Mountain view campus to be closed to keep the Linda Vista’s test scores higher. Read more here:

Time Community School has been denied charter school status for the third time now in the Montebello Unified school district. The vote by the board was unanimous, and several of the reasons given were :

-The school has no location in the district.

-The plan lacks details about its curriculum.

-There are no state-required physical education classes.

-The school will offer only three College Board-approved AP classes.

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Some state funded home charter schools have been able to avoid common vaccination requirements, despite the fact that some of these “home schools” meet up to three times a week. One school supposedly only has a vaccination rate of only 26%, despite the fact that schools are supposed to have a 95% vaccination rate. Read more here:

In California alone, over $300 million was spent in government lobbying from January through September of 2019. This is up 24% from 2015. $35 million was done by Healthcare groups, and over $6 million was spent by the California Teachers Association, and almost a million was spent by Charter School groups. Read more here:

This document is a primer of several interesting/bad pieces of information regarding charter schools. Some choice quotes include:

““In the Public Interest estimates that the total amount of public money lost and stolen by California’s charter school leaders has reached over $149 million. “

“Our review of relevant laws indicates that voucher and charter school programs open the door to discrimination because of three phenomena. First, federal law defines discrimination differently in public and private spaces. Second, state legislatures have largely ignored the issue of non-discrimination while constructing voucher laws and have created charter laws that fail to comprehensively address non-discrimination. And third, because private and charter schools have been given authority to determine what programs to offer, they have the ability to attract some populations while excluding others.”

“Washington DC charter schools did not significantly outperform public schools or even match them on the last two years of PARCC testing”

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Now is the time to invest in private prison corporations, since their stock is the lowest that it has been in several years. Unless Sanders or Warren win, stock prices are predicted to bounce back, going potentially even higher with a Trump victory. Read more here:


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