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News on Privatization Week of 11/18

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Scott Pearson, director of the D.C. a man who was responsible for much of the growth of charter schools in the D.C. area for over 10 years, pans to step down in May. Pearson seems to have overseen one of the more effective charter school districts, which proponents call “among the best in the country.” D.C. charter schools have gone from 98 in 2012 to 123. D.C. public schools still outperform the charter schools on standardized tests, though the gap has somewhat narrowed. Pearson makes $218,653 a year. Pearson does not support legislation to require charter schools to be subject to public-records laws. Read more here:

A charter school in D.C. is cutting ties with an after-school program called “Springboard” after a sex offender came very close to successfully kidnapping two children (aged 6 and 9) from one of their after school centers. He actually got the children out of the center by posing as a relative, but was soon caught. The center takes responsibility for the incident, and blames the issue on a lack of staffing. Read more here:

A new charter school that is trying to open has enraged local residents, as plans for its construction started moving forward without the knowledge of the Ward 8 residents. One local only found out because of a trespassing surveyor. DC Prep, the group responsible for the new school, planned on renovating a property that previously housed an old church for the school. The realtor company initially claimed “that its client was interested in building affordable housing,” before initially revealing the actual plans. The residents of Frankford St. are extremely resistant to the idea, and when discussing plans to close on the property at a school board meeting, was “met with cries from Frankford residents in the audience.” Read more here:

A voucher program in Tennessee could potentially cause participants to have to pay taxes on the support, according to the state Education Commissioner. There is some legal question of the language of the bill actually would allow this or not. The governor is pushing for the bill to go into effect starting in the Fall of 2020, though many people thought that it would not go into effect until Fall 2021. Read more here:

In Harrisburg Pennsylvania, HB 1800 is a voucher bill, and if it is passed, the school district claims that it “virtually guarantees that the district will forever remain in financial distress.” Harrisburg was placed under state control in 2012, but this voucher program could cost millions of dollars and support staff, according to the district. The district also fears potential discrimination due to the lack of oversight that the charter schools would have. Read more here:


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